1.1  Background

In teaching and learning process most needed the course planning for going the course system in well. As well as in teaching of English always covers four skills, they are: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Beside those skills, there some other components that must be taught to the students such as structure, spelling, pronunciation and vocabulary. Those are necessary to arrange and only the course structure in well.

In teaching, instructors are constant learners, in which professional experience, our views teaching contents, and methodological knowledge are continuously changing. From year to year, we have different students with different needs and background. Thus, it is necessary and important to modify every course and adjust it to a particular group of students in fact, often in the classroom things take place in an unexpected or unpleasant unplanned way. Therefore flexible teachers can be making necessary changes while teaching. They can see what should be modified added or changed to make the course reflect students’ interest and needs.

Begin the process early, making a planning a new course at least six. Successful course requires careful planning and continual revision. So that, in beginning the process early, making a planning a new course at least six months. Furthermore, consult with colleagues who have taught the similar course to learn from their strategies and their general impression of the students who typically take the course. Then, discussing the course goals, teaching philosophies, course content, teaching methods and course policies, as well as specific responsibility for each instructor.

Having the course items, will help you to make decision about which content to conclude, which teaching methods to use, and what kinds of assignment, and exam are appropriate, in similar, for useful introduction to curriculum planning begun with defining goals for students learning rather than with course content (Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighes; 1998). Based on this reason, the teacher must decide and arrange the course structure in well related to the curriculum.

1.2  Research question

The writer question in this paper is “who to make and arrange the course structure in well and how to select syllabus appropriately with students’ level.

1.3  Objectives

The objectives of this paper are to explain the purpose of course planning structure and the importance of giving appropriate course to the students.