1.1 Background

Heart disease and stroke is a disease that is very scary figure. Even today in Indonesia, heart disease ranks first as cause of death.

Heart disease and stroke is often considered a disease monopoly parents. I used these diseases suffered by older people particularly those aged 60 years and over, because age is also one risk factor for heart disease and stroke. But now there is a tendency also suffered by patients under the age of 40 years. This could occur because of changes in lifestyle, especially in modern urban young people.

When the era of globalization causes more and more easily obtained information, developing countries can immediately imitate the habits of the western countries are considered to mirror the pattern of modern life. A number of behaviors such as eating fast food (fast food) that contain high levels of saturated fats, smoking, alcoholic beverages, excessive work, lack of exercise, and stress, has become the lifestyle of humans, especially in urban areas. Yet all these behaviors might be the factors that cause heart disease and stroke.

2.1 Statement Problems

The problems that show in the writing of this paper is:

  1. Why heart disease can happen?
  2. What exactly is it heart disease?
  3. How do I prevent heart disease?



2.1 Causes Heart Disease

Erosive factors affected the risk of heart disease as they put forward in Congress One Cardiologist in Munich, Germany, namely:

1)      Smooking or smoking – the most dangerous according to their

2)      High Blood Pressure

3)      Diabetes or Diabetes

4)      A scheme of distribution of fat = waist to hip ratio

5)      Eating the wrong

6)      Excessive physical activity

7)      Consuming Alcohol

8)      Number of fat in the blood

9)      Psychosocial factors

However, there are four main factors causing heart disease, namely:

  1. Smoking too much over the years
  2. Levels of blood fats (cholesterol) is high
  3. High blood pressure
  4. Diabetes

2.2 Heart Disease

The heart (Latin cor) is a hollow, hollow, muscular organ that pumps blood through blood vessels by repeated rhythmic contractions. The term cardiac means associated with the heart, from the Greek cardia to the heart. The heart is one organ that plays a role in the circulatory system.

Heart attack is a condition that causes heart was not functioning. This condition usually occurs suddenly, and often called congestive heart failure. Causes of heart failure vary, but usually the main cause is the inhibition of blood supply to the heart muscles, because the blood vessels that normally drain blood to the heart muscles are blocked or hardened, either because of fat and cholesterol, or because of substance chemical substances such as excessive use of drugs containing Phenol Propano Alanine (ppa) which can be easily found in drugs such as Decolgen, and nicotine.

Lately also often found in sudden cardiac arrest when someone is on the move, as is attacking some athletes in the world renowned football in the middle of a football field. Usually it is caused by the imposition of heart activity that exceeds the threshold, or the lack of warm up before exercise.